Healing Cove aims to provide a total mind and body healing experience.

At Healing Cove we understand the importance of total mind body and soul wellness.  For anyone wanting a more holistic approach Caitlin and Andre provide Lomi Lomi massage, Reiki and Yoga is also available from Andre.

While we don’t provide Clairvoyant, Feng Shui, Cleansing, Tarot services we understand the importance of each individual taking steps to live their best life and for many people these services provide a great tool. For anyone who is struggling or need advice or guidance we recommend Jeanette May the Cosmic Clairvoyant.  She is located at Fitzgibbon (Brisbane Northside) and does readings from her home at Fitzgibbon or over zoom. 

Over many years we have used her services many times and have found her to her guidance to be invaluable from Feng Shui to guidance about what path to take. 

She is passionate about helping provide guidance with relationship issues personal and professional and helping people with grief or depression.  She can show you the benefits of how to bring Feng Shui Harmony into your life and house/office cleansing and workplace resolution.





Lomi Lomi Massage


Lomi lomi massage uses long, rhythmic and sweeping strokes using hands and forearms to open energy pathways, release tension, and remove blockages. Lomi lomi massage can help lower blood pressure and improve circulation, flexibility and immune response. To fully emerse in the lomi lomi experience a session is approximately 2 hours, however if you are short on time or would just like to try this style of massage you can book in for a 1 hr session.  Book online with Caitlin or Andres today!


REIKI is a spiritual and healing practice that is non invasive, gentle yet powerful method of healing. It helps to reduce stress, increase energy and promote relaxation and wellbeing. It works on the energy level.  Reiki is offered by Andres Sillet, our Reiki Practioner.

Clairvoyance Readings, House Cleansing, Crystal Healing

You can book an appointment with Jeanette by texting 0412 717 137. Or click here to email Jeanette.

Clairvoyance readings are $120 for 1 hour.
While house cleansing is approx. $250.

What clients say about Jeanette


I have visited Jeanette on several occasions over the last few decades. Most recently when facing a big crossroad in my marriage. I was blown away by the information that she provided and it will have a huge affect on my livelihood. Jeanette let me know about a secret bank account that my husband was hiding money in with a large balance that I had no knowledge of and would not have taken into account in the asset distribution. After leaving the appointment all the information she provided proved to be accurate. I can not thank her enough


Jeanette is nothing short of amazing!, She is spot on with her readings and is able to provide with guidance with such incredible accuracy. After all these years of seeing her for readings she still blows me away with how accurate she is. I can not thank her enough for her guidance


We have used Jeanette several times to provide guidance to my organization. Jeanette is amazing and while I don’t always know the accuracy of the reading at the time it always surprises me when some time in the future what she told me happens and I look back and recall what she told me all those months and years before. I do always go into a reading knowing that I have the power to change the path I am on and use the information given as guidance to help keep on the right path. But it is astounding how much insight and guidance I can get in a 1 hr appointment. I thoroughly recommend her services.


What People Are Saying

Amazing! Healing cove is absolutely amazing, and makes me feel so comfortable. I’ll never go elsewhere again”   Paige H

Very professional, listened to my concerning areas and focused accordingly. I felt the best I ever have afterwards”   Erika Naddei

Caity is a fantastic masseuse/beautician. She really made our hens weekend! Can’t wait to book her in the future!”   Matt Guttormsen

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